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The Emerald's Touch (TBA)

TBA  |   English/Indonesian   |  Melissa Green Alfred Pek


Struggling to endure the growing oppression and the erasure of queerness, Kai Mata embarks on a journey to reclaim her identity. In her quest, she resurrects forgotten queer histories, advocating for the genuine spirit of Nusantara while confronting the challenges of her environment. Through Kai's activism and illumination of the struggles faced by LBT communities striving to survive, she
has the potential to effect substantial and tangible change.


A former Indonesian Diaspora, Kai Mata is a Lesbian Activist and musician fighting for the rights of the LGBT community in the country.  Over the past decade, there’s been a sharp rise in Homophobia and Violence across the archipelago due to the rise of Conservative Religious voices influencing the politics and the social sphere. Many of the previously thriving communities are slowly dying in the face of our modern times. 


Going against the new societal norms and taboos, as well as her burning desire to understand the truth. Kai embarks on a journey that will take her across these hyper-diverse queer societies and practices through contemporary times and archeological history within Nusantara in search of her newfound meaning and existence as a Lesbian, and Indonesian living in this globalized modern world.

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