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Behind Suling Productions

Alfred Pek

Alfred Pek is a filmmaker, video journalist, director, and an aspiring storyteller, adventurer, and explorer of pluralism and intersections of identities. Having diverse life experiences in Indonesia and then Australia, it has inspired him to pursue the direction of telling stories that matter to broader social contexts to inspire actions and move human hearts.

He has founded Suling Production as part of his vision to expand these meaningful stories to the world. 

Melissa Green

Film Producer and Events Coordinator. Melissa has a diverse working portfolio covering the real estate industry, social media, marketing, television, and film.


Strong operations professional with a Diploma in Film and Board casting Production from Centennial College.  Melissa Green also helps run the Art Collective  Called Softball Collective. Softball Collective uses art, design, publications, Film, and events to critique the world we live in and encourage others to create change together. Melissa has worked Internationally in  Film, Social Media Marketing, and photography. She has worked in London, Israel, and France. 

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